Resin Bonded Diamond / CBN Tools and Wheels

This is a Diamond / CBN Wheel For your wheel to work efficiently

– Keep speed to within 4500-6000 S.F.P.M.
– True the Wheel to spindle before starting operation.
– Restrict depth of cut to 0.001” per pass.
– Use coolant wherever possible but use of coolant is a must for metal Bonded Wheels.
– Avoid Steel and Bronze materials as much as possible, when you are using a Diamond Wheel.
– For Flared Cup wheels having Diamond Cross-section in ‘V’ position, provide continuous relief to Diamond from Aluminum from the inside diameter.
– Avoid loading of wheel by exposure of clear cutting surface thru clearing by green silicon carbide stick during use whenever required for Resin and Metal   Bonded Wheels and by a brush under water for Electro-plated wheels.
– Use wheel guard during grinding operation.

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